Candlewood Yacht Club

Race Committee Signup - 2023

You can use this facility to sign up to help out on Race Committee. Select an available date, and enter your name and optionally
phone and/or email.

The verification code is the lock combination to the sail loft, to filter out web bots bent on mischief.

Note that at least one person on Committee must have their boating safety certificate. For more details see the general race info
on the main race page.

If you have signed up for a date and you need to back out or otherwise have it changed, send an email to


Add any additional comments below & RC Experience

** 11:00am event (all others start at 1:00pm)
Race date Name
5/7/23(Sunday) - Season Opener- New Crew Regatta Jennifer Palmer
5/13/23(Saturday) - Spring 1-2 Matthew Preston
5/21/23(Sunday) - Spring 3-4 Tom Mullen
5/27/23(Saturday) - Commodore's Cup Regatta Rob McCorkle
6/3/23(Saturday) - Long distance race #1 Francis Magrone
6/11/23(Sunday) - Spring 5-6 Francis Magrone
6/18/23(Sunday) - Spring 7-8 Brad & Laura Kiefaber
6/25/23(Sunday) - Turtle Bay Dinghy Regatta
7/1/23(Saturday) - Long distance race #2 John Palmer
7/9/23(Sunday) - Spring 9-10 Bey Rutherford
7/16/23(Sunday) - Spring Series Races 11&12
7/23/23(Sunday) - Spring Series Final Races 13&14
7/30/23(Sunday) - Summer 1-2
8/6/23(Sunday) - Summer 3-4 Jonathan Orr, Rosalie Seidt
8/13/23(Sunday) - Summer 5-6
8/20/22(Sunday) - Summer 7-8
8/27/22(Sunday) - Summer 9-10
9/2/23(Saturday) - Club Dinghy Championship
9/10/23(Sunday) - Summer Series Races 11&12
9/17/23(Sunday) - Summer Series Final Races 13&14
9/23/23(Saturday) - Club PHRF Championship Mark Riefenhauser
9/24/23(Sunday) - Club PHRF Championship Mark Riefenhauser
9/30/23(Saturday) - Long distance race #3
10/7/23(Saturday) - Punzi Flying Scott Regatta
10/8/23(Sunday) - Punzi Flying Scott Regatta
10/14/23(Saturday) - Vice Commodore's Cup
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